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Included in the package:
• Subsoccer game table and 2 chairs
• Side and goal nets
• Shockproof table top
• Game floor turf
• Official Superball match ball

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Subsoccer®-Force is the flagship product of the Subsoccer family of tabletop games. Owing to its sturdy build, Force is especially suited for heavy use and competitions. The gorgeous design allows the table to be placed in the spotlight. Alternatively, space can be saved by placing the table by a wall, since the game is played within the confines of the frame.

The usability of the game has been tested with professional football players. The materials chosen for Force are able to withstand heavier use as well.

Table. Length: 144 cm. Width: 89 cm. Height: 75 cm.
Chair. Length: 83 cm. Width: 45 cm. Height: 45 cm.
Table top. Length: 123.6 cm. Width: 73 cm.
Floor turf. Length: 123.8 cm. Width: 8.9 cm.
Total weight of the package is around  50 kg.