Every story has a beginning…

The full story behind the Original Suberman”s enlightenment under the palm trees in Spain. The holy writings of the fastest-growing-game in the world finally revealed!   Let us take you back to year 2008 when Usain Bolt was taking the world by storm, people were getting crazy over Lady Gaga’s “Poker face” and most importantly Jarno Saarinen, (now also known as the Original Suberman), was for the first time in his life properly concentrating on anything and it was on a soccer match. His “5 minutes personal-record-breaking concentration” in a hotel´s balcony was however totally disrupted when his daughter wanted to do something fun with him.

Suspected balcony

This is how Jarno recalls the event: “I was sitting on a chair and she sat in front me. She kicked the ball to me and I returned it to her. She kicked the ball back to me and I returned it with frustration. But she kept on kicking the ball back so I almost lost my temper. But then my mind was blown away by an idea. I shouted “the ball is like the Earth, round! ” She answered: “What about this game we have been playing?”

“Which game?”, I replied.   But this was just the beginning. As we know, usually the coordination skills of a 4-year old are not the best which meant that the duo had to do something in order that Jarno wouldn’t constantly kick the ball out of the balcony. Maybe it truly was an enlightenment of the Original Suberman or just his hallucinations coming from the sunstroke when he decided to build a makeshift arena from towels and sheets in order to keep the ball from rolling away. This was actually the first version of Subsoccer. The Original Suberman still does not know what inspired him to build the game arena…   Now you may wonder where the balcony is? Well nobody really knows except maybe one person. The reception worker in the hotel where Jarno was staying. Go and find that person since the Original Suberman has no clue.  


Holy writings by the original Suberman

The enlightened Original Suberman, aka the founder of the game, thought he had the sudden responsibility to start preaching his gospel of joy, excitement and amusement to all the soccer-loving people around the world. Therefore, he and his first disciple created a 3D model of our beloved soccer table which was sent to the Foundation of Finnish Inventions. Their review, in Jarno´s words, was very positive:   “They said it´s not that great, a game can´t be patented and games aren’t a particularly lucrative business to begin with.”   But the crew of the Foundation were obviously sarcastic. Only the original Suberman was able to call their bluff. They were clearly just playing the “Today let’s say everything other way around “-game. From the positive feedback, the Original Suberman took a massive 7 years long time frame to properly plan the game into its final shape. After hundreds of sleepless nights, multiple negotiations with different stakeholders and coffee being over-consumed, the enlightened one was ready to start working on the “sitting while kicking”-game again.   Remember those holy writings that the Original Suberman drew. (We hope you do remember, it was just mentioned above)   He says:   “I saw this light coming from a box in my garage. I opened the box and I saw that there was a flashlight which was left on. I turned it off and I saw a paper. I thought it was just some garbage so I threw it in the bin. But then a thought came to my mind that what if that paper was actually something important. I went back to check what the paper was and it was just garbage like I thought it was which meant I was right in the first place. When it comes to original drawings of subsoccer, those I had always kept on my desk just waiting for the right moment to start working on them again.”   As the years went by, the love for subsoccer became stronger. As the Original Suberman´s daughter, now a teenager, was still loving the game after almost 10 years of playing it, he was ready to introduce the game to the other family members as well. AND they were amazed by the game.   He recalls:   ” I thought there must be something in this subsoccer game because both my children and their grandmother loved it.”   Since it was clear right from the the start that Subsoccer ®  would become a must-have in every investors´eyes, it posed no problem for the Original Suberman to draw the attention from SUBSOME funders around the world. Now this fastest-growing-game in the world is a product of 4 Feet Under and Jarno, as we already knew, is operating as the Original Suberman of the company.   Today, the game is enjoyed from all and every kind of SUBERHUMANS around the globe from the age range of SUBERTODDLERS to SUBERSENIORS citizens. Also the game is loved from school kids to professional soccer players.   Every story has a beginning and this is ours. And if you are still wondering where the balcony is, we don´t have any idea where that is.   Can you solve the mystery?   Please do because we cannot…  

Till we sit again./ SUBERTEAM