No exercise could be bad…

Did you know that according to SUBERSCIENTISTS an average kid should exercise around 1 hour per day? And an adult around 30 minutes per day? While there are more and more opportunities to put our beautiful bodies moving, a big number of people seem not do enough physical activities. However, our brilliant SUBERSCIENTIST have gone to the fields and gathered these 5 SUBSOME reasons why people don´t exercise enough and how subsoccer could be the revolutionary solution for the problem of non-movement. So let´s go!

1. It´s so boring.

We hear this response all the time and we can´t argue with it. Sometimes exercising may seem boring but what if there was a game that was super-fast, fun and you have to be constantly alert in order to keep up with it. Did you guess which game we were talking about? Yeah that´s right, ice-hockey. But there is also another one, subsoccer. It is like ice-hockey without actually having a puck, ice, skates or anything related to ice-hockey except few things: intensity, speed and joy. From our received feedback from SUBER amazing people around the world, the main benefits of subsoccer have always been the speed, the intensity and the joy of the game. So no boring moments should be expected if you become a SUBERHUMAN or which ever term you define yourself with. Your are still SUBER.

2. I´d rather be using my phone.

So common in these digital days but there is still hope for you phone-lovers. Although we don´t know how you are using your phone, we assume that with your hands. According to number of different experiments done again by SUBERSCIENTISTS, we have actually scientifically proven that it is possible to play subsoccer while scrolling through your favorite apps. Don´t believe us, see the photo below and be mesmerized.

3. But I don´t like running.

Hahaa yes, it can seem daunting sometimes. However, in subsoccer players don´t actually need to run since the game is played while sitting on a bench. However, sometimes running may occur but usually only if a player gets SUBER excited after a goal has been scored. Here in the SUBERTEAM´s headquarters running only happens when for some reason our very own Jarno, the founder of the game, starts to run to the other side of the room to tell an important story for someone in the team. (They are never that important but don´t tell him.)

4. I like sitting.

If you have already read this far, we are sure you have also read the previous paragraphs. But just to remind our SUBSOME-selves, our table football game is played while sitting. You actually MUST sit in order to follow the rules of the tiniest rule book ever written by SUBERLAWYERS. When you know this rule you are like 90% ready to play. Isn´t that amazing?

5. I´m a full-time parent, so no time for exercising.

Many of our SUBERSCIENTISTS are also full-time parents but they are also full-time SUBERHUMANS. Do you know how this is possible? This is because our SUBERENGINEERS have designed the game in a way that it allows different size players to play against each other. This means parents and their kids can spend quality time together while exercising intensively . You won´t believe how physically demanding it actually is. We obviously mean the movement when you take a seat not to mention how many steps you may have to take before you can actually sit on the SUBBENCH. Once the game starts you can just simply relax and enjoy the SUBSOME moment.

So, no more excuses! You may even be surprised by how pleasant exercising could be! Please share below if you still have reasons on why you don´t exercise enough. The best comments may be highlighted in a special article!

Enjoy the journey!/ SUBERTEAM