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Subsoccer® is an unforeseen table football game developed in Finland, which is played in pairs, using your own feet under a see-through table top on artificial turf. Two chairs act as goals at the ends of the table top, and the game is played with a smaller, more agile football than the official game ball. A patent application for the game is pending and a trademark registration has been granted for it.

Anyone can play, regardless of their age. Whether you like football or not, or are skilled at it or not, Subsoccer can make a star out of you and let you shine brighter than others. But this is one of those games that you will have to experience to understand.

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At its simplest form, here’s how the game works: Decide who will do the kick-off, for example with rock-paper-scissors. The winner will do the kick-off within the borders of their own goal area. The opponent must also keep their legs inside their marked goal area before the kick-off. And then just play! The best of three? There will be plenty of sweat and smiles, and that’s a guarantee.

This game has been tested by professional footballers, skilled futsal players, students of upper secondary schools specialising in sports, doctors, physiatrists and us ordinary people – competitive or otherwise. And the first consumer tests have been filled with nothing but joy. “If this is not fun to you, you better check your pulse – you are probably dead!”


Subsoccer® is a great recreational activity. This game rehabilitates, challenges, delights and frustrates, makes experts out of total newbies and, first and foremost, brings the joy of sports anywhere, even to a bar. It can be played in small spaces. The ball will not run off or crash into your grandmother’s Ming dynasty vases.

On the other hand, it is a very physical game and develops the players’ ball-handling skills. The game develops eye-foot coordination and it is also great for improving core control.