rules of the game

1. The winner of Rock/Paper/Scissors gets to start

2. Kick-off always inside your own goal area

3. The first one to score 3 goals is the winner of the match

Official bench soccer games are played without shoes on.

SCAN, Sit, Kick, and Play!

Coming soon: Subsoccer app to the App Store and Google Play!

Organizing a bench Soccer Cup

A Subsoccer Cup is held in a simple knockout stage format in which the match pairs are drawn. In our single-elimination format, the winner moves to the next round, whereas the loser is dropped from the Cup. To win a match, a player needs to score 3 goals. Got it?

*If the number of players is uneven, the player drawn without an opponent will automatically be qualified for the next round.

Four player chart
Eight player chart

  • Subsoccer 3
    Subsoccer 3

    Subsoccer 3 is the lightest and most agile model in the Subsoccer product family. The game is a full-blooded Subsoccer that you can place pretty much anywhere.

  • Subsoccer 7
    Subsoccer 7

    Subsoccer® 7 is the flagship product of the Subsoccer product family. Each Subsoccer 7 game table is numbered and assembled by hand in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

  • Subsoccer 7 Custom
    Subsoccer 7 Custom

    Subsoccer 7 Custom is a fully customizable version of Subsoccer 7. Custom Subsoccer can be ordered branded and with accessories.