Sports are one of the most powerful ways to bring people together. Did you know that even the Olympics Games were partly created to promote unity among humans? Yep, even we know some real facts here in the SUBERTEAM´s headquarters… (No we don´t it was straight from Google) On one thing we are at least SUBER confident! We strongly believe that whether you are living with a disability, having difficulties with motor skills, or having other special needs, our table football game may very well be added to your exercise regime. Not to mention to your fun routine as well.

We are advocating for keeping things simple since higher the requirements are, the more difficult it is to start. We all know the situation in which we should be all doing something “fun” together but in reality there is one person in the group who totally dominates the game whereas the others don´t even know how to put the equipments on. Yeah it´s not fun to hang out with astronauts…

Anyway, one part of excitement of our game comes from the fact that anyone has a fair chance to beat anyone no matter who the opponents are. The reason is again simple. (get it? 😀 ) Sitting and kicking are fairly easy skills to master. Sure you can get super good at them but the principals will take you far away. This means that even a professional soccer player could be struggling with someone who plays subsoccer for the first time.

Also, the game works perfectly as an adaptive sport since it only requires one moving lower limb. And that one leg can make you the greatest SUBERSTAR of the game. Two legs are no guarantee for winning a match of subsoccer. However, the one thing that we should be able to guarantee is great time when playing the game.

So, let´s keep on enjoying sports all together and loving astronauts even more.

Till we sit again/SUBERTEAM