Our work culture

Do you know how we start our work days in SUBERTEAM´s headquarters? During the pandemic it is not hard to guess… By waking up and almost immediately being in front of our computers. But normally we start our days at the office with a short subsoccer tournament! And everyone has to participate in it if one does not want to get fired from the company. Yes we do take football seriously to the extent that we call it soccer!

A tradition

The Original SUBERMAN, Jarno the creator of the game, thinks it is extremely important that everyone gets a nice start for the day! Therefore he usually makes extra strong coffees for everyone in the morning. He believes that caffeine is like love you cannot give it too much which sounds even a little dangerous but let´s get over it, he is Finnish! From the “traditional buzz” we get from Jarno´s unnecessarily strong coffees we are ready to start our tournament!

Team spirit

Believe or not doing something fun together is more important than actually winning the table soccer tournament! We know how actual work can sometimes get stressful so these small moments of joy can help any team to stay cohesive during the challenging times. In the end, team spirit is just matter of practice like almost anything in life. How can one have positive energy in a group if this skill is not ever practiced? You got it, you can´t!

So the question is, which skills you want to practice at your work place?

We will practice SUBSOME attitude/ SUBERTEAM