Subsoccer bench soccer games have been sold in 65 countries, with a large portion being personalized Subsoccer 7 games and easily reassembled Subsoccer 3 games that work well at events.

Customization usually refers to the game parts being taped, but in many cases, all aluminum parts of the game are powder-coated, allowing the entire game to be colored as desired.

A great example of a fully painted game is the Heineken games, where the entire game is green, and the logos are cut into the sides of the table, resulting in a very polished finish.

Customized games can also be found in game rooms. For example, we made a game for Edin Džeko’s son, Dan, at the end of last year.

Games are also branded with football club colors, such as the Amsterdam Ajax game shown in the picture. The number of games branded for clubs has been steadily increasing lately.

When we started branding the Subsoccer 3 game earlier this year, clubs found a new advertising opportunity for partner brands, where they can be visible at club events alongside fans and players.