Life is uncertain like foosball

OUCH! Did you fell out of the bench because you got too excited when you scored a goal? Did you hit your toe? Or did you accidentally spill the cold beverage to your shirt and now you are sick because you got cold when you walked back home from a sport pub. If so we have to tell you something that might be hard to swallow. Durian juice, yuck! But also something even harder to swallow is durian juice mixed with coffee. We are getting sick… But the hardest to swallow has to be sports which are all extremely dangerous and no one should ever participate in them even if they create a meaning to your life.

But table football has its risks, like life

Well first of all not only sports are dangerous but so is life too. Our SUBERBIOLOGISTS have made some research and they have found out that absolutely no one will survive from their lives. Imagine playing a video game in which you cannot face the final boss because the game is too difficult and the text “Game Over” could be on your screen in anytime. Well that game is Hercules video game which was released in 1997. We still haven´t recovered from the frustration of playing it 10 hours straight, and then dying from a simple mistake which meant that we had to start all over again from the beginning.

Sure life can be hard sometimes but it can also be so SUBSOME in the same time. Nothing is certain in life which makes it so interesting. We have all had the experience on watching the same old movie for the 56th time and we all know it is not exciting at all since we probably know the plot and even what the actors are wearing in different scenes. The uncertainty is however what sparks our creativity, it gives us hope and makes us dream. It is what creates the Messi moments in the football fields. (For our younger audience, Messi is the character in FIFA 2021 video game who plays for FC Barcelona.) He is also a real football player though.

So the question is do you wanna live a life in which you build and create stuff or avoid anything that could possibly harm you?

PS. we are working with the toe issue. More exciting toe news coming relatively soon!

Stay safe but enjoy your only journey/ SUBERTEAM