Press release 2024-05-28

Subsoccer raised €1 million in funding.

Finnish Subsoccer bench soccer game has already been sold in 76 countries.
The game’s videos have garnered nearly a billion views on social media, with the world’s largest brands among its customers.

Subsoccer’s founder and CEO Jarno Saarinen is pleased with the success of the investment round and the new expertise gained as a result. The round, conducted in a turbulent global situation, was completed as planned without any issues.

– From the beginning, we set out to bring in new owners to the company, rather than just money, who have something to contribute to its development. Thanks to the round, we have added heavyweight expertise in fields such as the gaming industry and events, both of which are crucial for our future.

– Subsoccer’s core business is already profitable, but launching new products and particularly expanding exports require additional capital.

– With the new funding, we aim to achieve the position of the world’s most popular soccer-themed gaming ecosystem by 2030.

Game developer Jarno Saarinen (third from the left) in field conditions with the easily transportable Subsoccer S3 model.

Game developer Jarno Saarinen (third from the left) in field conditions with the easily transportable Subsoccer S3 model.

Subsoccer aims to expand its presence in key target countries. According to Jarno Saarinen, seizing control of country-specific markets requires local presence.

– Over 90% of our sales come from exports. North America accounts for over 30%. We need to increase our presence where our markets are and where sales are strong. We will establish country organizations in our key markets to locally leverage all available potential.

The design of new consumer-priced games is already well advanced, and the funding provides an opportunity to start industrial-scale production.

– Our current products have been sold in over 80 countries. We have constantly encountered requests to produce game versions affordable for the average citizen. After six months of planning, the first consumer product is ready and will be launched in the near future.

– Our product family is nearly complete, and our upcoming backend system will connect players of our games worldwide. We are now focusing on sales and marketing as well as carefully selected partnerships. We have every opportunity to become a global success story.

Additional information:

Jarno Saarinen, CEO
[email protected]
+358 40 701 9342