I think sports is the next big thing that is moving to digital platforms.

I’m not an expert in sports, but maybe it’s helpful to look at the structures built around different sports from the outside.

Sports federations, various interest groups, leagues, club owners, and media houses try to make all the money while players’ associations try to get their share of the pie.

Money for different sports always comes from fans. Fans are the ones financing the media, federations, leagues, clubs, etc., but in the end, fans want to see the players, not federations and media bosses.

If players want to make their own games or own a tournament the federation will say they can not do it because all the money in the system belongs to the sports federations and leagues.


Sport-On-App ​​is a platform where everyone can manage the whole sport. Anyone can arrange a tournament or establish a league. The app features rules, players, leagues, events, fans, statistics, media, and advertisers.

There is no need for a person to be the best player in a sport anymore; it is enough for a player to have followers, as is happening in boxing now.

It’s not too far off for @jakepaul (a social media star and boxer) to start his sports federation, sell advertising rights, and manage his media. Jake Paul has nearly 20M followers on Instagram. That’s much more than many media houses have.

Sport-on-App platform and Subsoccer

We want as many players as possible to play subsoccer.

We should not set up a sports federation but help players and Subsoccer table football game owners make money by playing.

I’m not the first to think about this, but our advantage is our game, Subsoccer, where there aren’t any unnecessary structures to break down so it allows anyone and everyone to get their share of the pie.

Jarno Saarinen

The Inventor of Subsoccer