UEFA Euro 2008 Group D / Spain vs Russia

In 2008, when Jarno and Emma played Subsoccer for the first time, the game was made of two garden chairs, a towel and swimming trunks, which were strung between the back legs of the chairs.

The prototype

In 2016, Jarno made the first Subsoccer DIY version of the game, which is the original prototype of the Subsoccer table football game table.

In this Subsoccer DIY version, the famous 1980s smoked glass dining table and two metal garden chairs were used, as well as a net cut from a floorball goal that was strung on the sides of the table and around the chairs.

Two of these Subsoccer DIY versions have been produced and already, at that time, in 2016 the first Subsoccer DIY four-player table was also made. The first official Subsoccer doubles game was delivered in 2022 to SuperPark Tammisto in Vantaa, which was also the place where the first series-produced Subsoccer game was given in 2019.