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Subsoccer bench soccer game is a small game that requires only 2.5m2 of space. In addition, in almost all other table games, players move outside the game area, such as in table soccer or billiards, where the area where players move is larger than the table game itself.

To enhance the player experience, I am also considering incorporating lighting design for both the playing area and the players themselves.

Since the players stay in place in a bench soccer match, planning the lighting for the players is much easier than, for example, in a table tennis match, where the players move around a large area. The lighting design of the subsoccer playing area is also straightforward because the place where the ball moves is a limited space under the table.

As a filmmaker who plans lighting and sound for the ultimate cinematic experience, the same attention to detail should be given to the subsoccer exhibition setup.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive experience that includes a display wall with an enthusiastic crowd and an immersive sound system that rivals the finest cinemas. And with the small size of the subsoccer table, this can be achieved on a reasonable budget.