Are you curious about how football clubs can generate revenue through the Subsoccer bench football game?

In many different countries, Partners buy branded Subsoccer games for soccer clubs. Partners of football clubs see Subsoccer games as an excellent opportunity to be visible at events and engage the club’s fans with their brand. For this reason, partners are willing to pay for advertising space on the game, simultaneously supporting the club financially and enabling new activations at events.

The football club receives money, and fans have fun activities:
Advertising spaces in the game make Subsoccer not an expense but an income for the football club. Additionally, the football club can resell the advertising space every year to either the same or a new partner.

Why is a Subsoccer game a good thing for the club:
⚽ Subsoccer is a soccer-themed activity for venues and events.
👟 Anyone can play Subsoccer – the bench football game.
🏆 Organizing a tournament is easy.
🥇 In the tournament, a fan can play against a representative player from the team, and either can win.
🕹 The game can be played as an activity even without a host.
💹 The game serves as an excellent advertising platform for the club’s partners.

Subsoccer is an unbeatable side event because it’s accessible to everyone. Even star players can compete in bench football matches against the club’s most dedicated fans and experience the thrill of losing. With excitement guaranteed every time the game starts, it’s no wonder that Subsoccer has become so popular.

If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to connect with your team’s partners, consider offering them advertising space on the side of your team’s new Subsoccer arena. It’s the perfect way to get involved with one of the hottest side events in football.

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Example of marketing collaboration between a partner and a soccer club:

Responsibilities of the club:
✔ The marketing agreement includes the club’s commitment to the partner that the club’s Subsoccer games branded for the partner will be playable at desired events or available to fans in club venues.
✔ The club commits to producing video and photo content for social media where Subsoccer games are available for fans and the club’s use.
✔ The partner has the opportunity to use Subsoccer games at their events and tournaments as well.

Requirements from the partner:
✔ For a small club, compensation for the collaboration can be the Subsoccer game, game branding, and in return, the partner’s brand receives visibility for the duration of the season in the Subsoccer bench soccer game.
✔ For larger clubs, agreements may include game branding and financial compensation that is several times the price of the Subsoccer game, etc.

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