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PUMA Subsoccer – Bench Football Tournament

On Saturday, 18 February 2023, the PUMA Subsoccer – table football cup was organized in Tampere, Finland.

The youngest players in the contest were ten years old, and the oldest player was an over 70-year-old grandfather. A junior soccer player and his mother were also from the same family. Among the players were soccer coaches, Finland’s best panna- and freestyle football players, and players with no soccer background.

The oldest player did well and was close to going to the further rounds. An 11-year-old junior player played in the final; on paper, the toughest freestylers and ballers fell out of the cup before the last games. A player without a soccer background also won the medal.

Subsoccer – bench football is played with the feet like real football, and skill is essential. Still, I think Subsoccer – table football is the most equal soccer game ever made.

By far, the best thing is to see new winners who surpass themselves by daring to come to play, overcome their fears, and get their moment as a superstar of the Subsoccer – table football game.

Thank You, PUMA® Suomi