Is our table soccer the best sport for seniors?

Absolutely! It is the best game for all people who like to have a great time while exercising. To be honest sitting has never been so fun and you may be surprised how easily the game makes you sweat too. And shockingly we are not talking about video games now. Actually being an older person does not stop you from enjoying our foosball game. To be honest quite the opposite since one´s demographics are not important at all. But the psychological side is!

For whom is this game designed for?

Well our game is loved from all kind of people with different backgrounds such as professional athletes, school kids, office workers, people with special needs, senior citizens, people with green eyes, adults enjoying porridge for their breakfasts… okay the last one we might have invented but it was only to emphasize a key point. Having a fun life is an universal value that all SUBERHUMANS share.

Small moments make the difference

Life can be very difficult sometimes. However, when playing our game no matter what your reason is to try subsoccer, we certainly hope that the game brings you as much joy as it does to many of us. The game is very hectic and a player may take up to 100 touches in a minute which means that you may get easily fused in and forget your worries. Not to mention, that the kicking should strengthen your leg muscles as well.

Anyway we strongly believe that these small moments of joy and success are the ones that keep us happy also in the long run. And why they would not keep? Scoring goals with the people we love, having a great time and taking good care of ourselves while scoring more goals, are all important. But then you realize goals were not that important but the fact we were all doing something amazing together.