We know what you have been thinking for some time! Why do we call some pubs as sport bars? Like where does the actual exercising happen? This issue will finally be settled in this most innovative article of our generation! Go home Shakespeare!

Dismantling the sport bars

We have gone deep into English literature in order to find a right definition for these so-called restaurants. According to Cambridge Dictionary it is: “a bar where customers can watch sport on large television screens”. But is this sports nowadays? Sure it takes tons of effort to sit down for hours and sometimes suddenly jump in the air when your favorite team scores. Still this is not how we used to call them. It is like calling a book pub a place where people go to watch other people read in large TVs.

What is the correct name?

Since we could argue that generally the volume of physical activities are low in these bars, a far more precise name would be “TV bars which have sport channels such as CANAL+ that everybody loves but nowadays some people like to stream sports online for free and the sites doing so are often not that high quality and they might crash regularly but this does not mean that your site is crashing because it could be built by very competitive and lovable IT nerds that are in the top of their field but still there are some platforms that are not working at all and therefore the best way to enjoy sports is to watch them in “a sport seeing bar” where no actual exercise happens excluding the people doing so in our massive screens” Precise and informative!

How to get the term back?

Well by adding some actual workouts to your bar and we have a solution for you! Air-hockey!

So now you know! The next time someone says that they are going to a sport pub, we kindly ask you to point them here!

Another mystery solved with air-hockey/ SUBERTEAM