You know those long breaks between classes…

We all know the phrase that “back in my days everything was better”. Also known as the phrase that people say when they want to sound like they were cooler teenagers. As this classical saying is still only a humble opinion of someone, it is almost impossible to argue with it. Opinions are still subjective and this is something our SUBERSENIOR, Ari the CEO, should learn. Just because he has not yet won any Subsoccer match, it does not mean that his opponents were cheating nor that the coffee machine was too loud which disturbed his concentration. But our favorite CEO is probably correct at least on one thing: “ School games were better”

Want to know a cool fact? No, well we are going to tell it anyway. We have heard from a very reliable SUBSOURCE that most of today’s school kids have phones and they are spending like 90% of their time in front of them. Previously, during our SUBERSENIOR´s early days, breaks between classes were spent with games such as Hide&Seek, Simon Says or Capture the flag. Nowadays all of them are probably still existing but they have turned into some kind of commands on Fortnite. And just that our favorite SUBERSENIOR knows, fortnite is not a pizza place. It´s a mobile game. And mobile game means a game that you play with your phone. And a phone means…

As the saying goes, only when you lose something, you realize the value of it. Our SUBERSCIENTISTS have proven that when people are online they are not actually speaking with each other. We made some remarkable discoveries when we found out that people´s mouth were not moving nor there were any sound coming out when they were speaking through their phones. With this, we have come to the conclusion that people are not actually talking when they are with their phones. So let´s not lose these “real” communication skills either.

Want to know another cool fact? Soccer is the most widely spoken language in the world. Therefore, one of our missions is to teach this language. The language of sport which can break any boundaries between people. The results have been good and the teachings of our Original Suberman, are already been implemented to 10% of Finnish primary schools. Isn´t that cool? Well we guess not if you are rather with your phone. But we have a solution for you too which you can find it here.

Real life sports are still cool. No were are not talking about E-sports now.

Ball is round like the Earth/ SUBERTEAM