Do you want to play?

When we started designing the Subsoccer soccer table, we were curious how customers would react. The assumption was that the game would probably work in schools and kindergartens.

We sold the first games in Finland to schools, cruise ships, and activity parks. The game was popular among small children in these places, and it was a slight surprise to us that the children’s parents also liked the game very much. The Subsoccer table football game was famous as an activity for parents to play with their children.

When ESPN started sharing videos of playing Subsoccer, we began selling games to different countries. To our surprise, the games were sold to hotels, restaurants, schools, homes, fire stations, rehabilitation centers, public spaces, libraries, football stadiums, and all spaces where we can imagine the game fits.

Finally, when the world’s biggest football stars started buying Subsoccer games for their homes, we realized that the Subsoccer table football game is suitable for every person who can sit and move their legs whether it’s a small child, an elderly person, or even a professional football player.

Subsoccer is for everyone.