Signs of over exercising…

Last week we posted a scientific paper on “5 reasons why people don´t exercise enough“. Go check it out because you will be mesmerized by the nonsense of it. However today we will cover the other end of the same coin. If you have a feeling that you can never stop after one or two maybe even three, then this article is for you. But even if you don´t have a problem, we are sure you know someone who has. And if you don´t know anyone then we are 77% sure you are not from Finland because Finns exercise a lot. But anyway, let´s get started! Here are the 5 alarming sings you are exercising too much provided by our brilliant SUBERSCIENTISTS!

1. Why do you exercise?

This question is good to keep in mind no matter what we are doing. Especially when we are dealing with highly addictive stuff like collecting stamps. Subsoccer ® is not addictive because our game is unreal in the first place. But we think you already knew that about our fun game. Anyway, do you go to your nearest sport bars just to pass out from the push ups? Are you always just trying to reach your limits or even go beyond them? If you do, that sounds like you may have some problems. Incredibly sore muscle to say the least. Or maybe not, who knows? Nevertheless, we asked our SUBEREFS and they said that a subsoccer match lasts for maximum of 3 periods. This allows you to exercise moderately. Oh you don´t know the rules yet? We neither. Let´s go and check them here!

2. What are you doing now?

Are you exercising now? Do you have your phone on the floor and you are doing push-ups while you are reading this article? Or maybe you are squatting while you are reading this? Don´t even dare to say you have glued your phone on a bar and now you are reading this article while you are bench pressing. While these are all kind of common among SUBERHUMANS, our SUBERINTELECTUALS have said you can actually do one thing at a time. Can you here that sound? It´s our favorite SUBERSELL, Toni-the commercial sales officer, (don´t worry he won´t give you a ticket since he´s not that kind of officer) doing million things in the same time. Just ignore him!

3. How are you spending your Friday nights?

Everybody knows the feeling when you had the most SUBSOME weekend. Maybe you were collecting stamps, having some fun with friends or just spending some quality time with your family while collecting stamps. But then, as always, comes the Monday! And after that there will be Tuesday, Wednesday and finally if everything goes well then Thursday. If these are just days that you go through because you know Friday will eventually arrive, then you may need to start practicing being more patient. But you may also have a problem with exercising if the only purpose of Friday nights is to get buzzed from the over-consumption of protein shakes together with millions of bicep curls but zero calves extensions. Friday nights can be much more too. Like playing Padel or collecting stamps. Or if you are Toni-like person you are doing them in the same time.

4. You´re from Finland

Finns exercise a lot. And with lot, we mean a lot. So much we cannot even write the number here. So if you are from Finland, go check out how much you consume sports. No extra explanations needed.

5. One more won´t kill you

If you are the person who is always saying that one more won´t kill you, you may be exercising too much. Imagine you are hanging in the sport bar again and you ask if your friend wants one more. Then your friend will say: “I´m done for today, I´ve had enough push-ups”. Then you get angry and try to force your friend to have one more. If this is you, you may have some problems with anger management but also with exercising too much.

Okay these are the signs and now you know some cool things about Finland too. So next the time someone says in a soccer match you have to exercise more and to collect more stamps, you can refer that person to this article.

We can enjoy life/ SUBERTEAM