Subsoccer 7 Custom

Subsoccer® tables can be tailored to suit your or your needs.

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Subsoccer 7

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Sit, kick and get hooked!

A simple but so addictive table football game played one vs. one. The two players are sitting on the benches, which are also acting as goals. Just protect your net, trick your opponent and score. That’s it!

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  • Subsoccer 3
    Subsoccer 3

    Subsoccer 3 is the lightest and most agile model in the Subsoccer product family. The game is a full-blooded Subsoccer that you can place pretty much anywhere.

  • Subsoccer 7
    Subsoccer 7

    Subsoccer® 7 is the flagship product of the Subsoccer product family. Each Subsoccer 7 game table is numbered and assembled by hand in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

  • Subsoccer 7 Custom
    Subsoccer 7 Custom

    Subsoccer 7 Custom is a customized version of Subsoccer 7. The Custom Subsoccer table football game can be ordered branded and accessories such as lights are available.

  • Subsoccer Hoodie
    Subsoccer Hoodie

    Subsoccer hoodie with logo in the chest. Pocket in the front. This unisex hoodie is super comfy to wear.

  • Subsoccer snapback hat
    Subsoccer snapback hat

    Classic Subsoccer cap with adjustable closure at the back. One of our very first products so this is truly a classic piece.

  • Subsoccer t-shirt
    Subsoccer t-shirt

    Subsoccer logo t-shirt is latest addition to our collection. It has a logo in the front. This unisex t-shirt is comfortable to wear and fits perfectly.